Be Your Own DJ with BACARDI

Image from AdWeek/Bacardi.

Most of my friends and family members know how obsessed I am with social media. This is not the type of “obsession” that you would classify as the Millennial Social Obsession, such as stalking the guy you went on a date with for 2 hours the next day, or finding out who your ex is now dating and then going through ALL her social media channels, or posting a status update/Tweet about literally EVERYTHING you’re doing (we all know those people who post everything from jumping out of the shower to going to their grandma’s house for lunch). I’m seriously obsessed with the technological advancements in social media and the way brands have taken it to the next level, coming up with incredibly innovative ideas on how to interact and engage with consumers. The more brands engage, the more consumers value these brands, and the more they value these brands, the more loyalty and trust they have with certain companies. Brand loyalty is something that is essential if a company wants to not only grow their customer base, but also keep the current customers they have now rather than losing them to competitors.

As stated in one of my prior blog pieces, Millennials are the largest group of users on Instagram and Snapchat currently. What do Millennials (ages 18-34) usually like to do on the weekends? Drink. And no, this is not a generalization saying all Millennials are lazy drunks. Yet, this is the age group that you will find the largest percentage of at bars, clubs, etc.

Bacardi has done something that no other brands have done before on Instagram. Image result for BacardiAccording to AdWeek, Bacardi has enabled a type of interactive experience for their followers on Instagram. Instagram stories was essentially laughed at as the imposter of Snapchat. Released about 4 months ago, this feature enables users to add a “memory” or “story” pinned at the top of their followers’ feeds which can be viewed for 24 hours before it disappears. This is in fact very similar to Snapchat stories which brands have started to jump on – a great form of free advertising.

However, Barcadi just changed the game with their new type of interactive experience via IG stories. Straight from AdWeek, here is what the feature entails:

“It’s a digital simulator that gives the Instagram user a full-screen point of view, making it seem like they are looking down at a two-record DJ set-up. Instructions on the first frame show the viewer how to tap a pair of buttons, manipulating sounds with their thumbs. People who follow Bacardi on the platform will see the brand’s story at the top of the mobile page, but folks can also search the brand on Instagram and access the DJ experience that way.”

Pretty neat, right? I personally think this is an incredible use of digital marketing and engagement. Since music integration has been a huge part of Barcardi’s history according to their director of creative intelligence for North America, Olivia Legere, this is an extremely intelligent project with Swizz Beats.

Follow Bacardi on Instagram and let me know what you guys think.

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