Why Are We Following the Rules We Hate Instead of Breaking Them?

Here I am on a Wednesday afternoon at work, feeling that 3 o’clock headache coming on and lack of desire to do anything for the rest of the day. But then I stupidly decide, ‘hmm, let me text that guy from last Wednesday I met. I bet he’s starting to feel that mid-afternoon exhaustion and will have a minute to say hey.’ Silly fucking me, right? I should have listened to the stupid #girlcode Rule Book that says to never text a guy to hang out on the weekend if it is a weekday. How did I miss this chapter? Was this in the chapter that also said not to use more than 1 emoji per conversation? Or the one where you should never put more than three Y’s in the word “hey” because “heyyyy” is way too #thirsty. Just kill me now, right? Just throw my phone out the window because I am going to overreact like every other girl out there about when a guy doesn’t text them back in under 36 seconds.

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Dating aside, life is full of rules that are either formed by society’s nativity to question the stupidity of them [and therefore following others, and following these rules], or completely logical statements made to better society. For example, one logical rule you can say is you must always wear your seat belt while driving. The rule was made to help people avoid severe and life-threatening car accidents. Image result for white after labor dayWearing a seat belt can prevent the driver and/or passenger(s) from catapulting into the windshield if the car is hit from behind. This is a SMART rule since it was made to save lives. What I find to be a stupid rule is (#toes #fashionsuicide) is that you cannot wear white after Labor Day. I heard one of my friends mumble that before the summer ended and I almost popped a blood vessel. Are we really still at this point in 2016? Are we really feeling that insecure that we think people will come up to us on the street or not hire us for a job if we wore white after September 5th? Trust me, I LOVE fashion. I wouldn’t even be surprised if most of my pay check went to clothes before food or rent (shhh). But the fact that some people still believe that this ridiculously made up rule should still be followed is bogus. Whatever happened to winter white? Oh right, NOTHING. Have you seen Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Haily Baldwin? Some of the top models in the world have been wearing white since they literally give no fucks about these rules. And guess what, not only do they not care, they are SUCCESSFUL. Can “breaking the rules” lead to some of our greatest successes? Maybe our biggest failures include following the rules?

Please don’t take that last sentence too seriously. There is a time and place to follow the rules, i.e., wearing your seat belt, stopping at stop lights, etc. However, when we follow these mythical rules made up by no one else but US, how are we Image result for texting him first nervousadvancing in society? We hate half of these rules, so why are we enforcing them? I listen to so many girls complain, “Ughhhhhh. WHYYYY can’t I text him though?” Uh, honey, your fingers and phone look to be working just fine. Go for it. The reason why were are so hesitant to break the rules is because we listen to people who enforce them, and then we start enforcing the rules ourselves! Why are we even listening to what these people say when it’s about something so ridiculous? Texting a guy first or not? Wearing a dress or not on the first date? Wearing white after a calendar day? We are pretty much begging to stress ourselves out at this point. This is seriously a classic example of “don’t stress the little things” except we ARE.

This piece is more of a ramble from starting to get annoyed with the ‘dating rules’ that society puts on us females especially. I texted him first (broke rule of not waiting for him to text me first), and I asked him to meet for drinks this weekend on a Wednesday (broke rule that says don’t text him until the weekend if you want to hang on the weekend). And guess what? He texted me back. I didn’t die. And we are getting a drink on Friday. Rules are only as powerful as you make them.

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